Install and manage your server like a pro

With Cipi you don’t need to be a Sys Admin to deploy and manage websites and PHP applications powered by cloud VPS. Cipi is an Open Source project and you can use it within .
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Cipi is a modern control panel for your cloud service
It's magic
Install and configure one or more servers with a click in few minutes.
Born for cloud
Cipi works on AWS, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud and other providers.
Easy to use
Manage one or more servers as easily as having a coffee.
Friend of PHP
Cipi creates an amazing LEMP stack for your PHP projects.
Secure & up to date
Cipi takes care of your server's security and updates.
Ready to integration
Cipi comes with awesome APIs useful to integrate everywhere.

How Does It Work

You're only a few simple steps away
VPS Deploy System Admin Linux Install Setup Configuration nginx LEMP PHP MySql Stack env deploy git manual aws digital ocean

Install Cipi on your server running
wget -O - | bash
in a fresh installation of Ubuntu 20.04.

PHP-FPM aliases domain ssl certificates let's encrypt free open source panel control dashboard sites apps application server user linux

Use the amazing Cipi UI to manage the settings of your sites (alias domains, Git repo, PHP-FPM version, SSL certs, etc...)

Laravel Wordpress ecommerce magento prestashop php open source server software manager install

Deploy amazing projects on a powerful LEMP stack build for your websites, web-apps and e-commerce.

Get Cipi

Run wget -O - | bash in your VPS.