An Open Source
Control Panel
for your Cloud!

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Download and install Cipi with a click

Cipi requires a dedicated and clean VPS with Ubuntu 18.04 LTS OS Server Edition.
You can install it via SSH with this command:

wget -O - | bash

After installation, you can change your personal data and password in the profile section.
You can configure a SMTP provider into /cipi/.env file.


If you try Cipi... you will never return to cPanel or Plesk


With Cipi you can manage an unlimited number of servers. All you have to do is add a new server into Servers section and deploy it with a click in about five minutes

Fast and simple

Cipi is magic! In few minutes you can install and configure a server, setup a virtualhost, create a database, generate an SSL certificate and manage aliases with just a click

Security first

Cipi configures your server in a secure way. No FTP services, no unused open ports, no root SSH access, no standard ports. Fail2ban firewall and isolated users and applications

Ready for developers

Cipi is ready for developers needs. It comes with all tools: Apache 2.4, php7.3-FPM, MySql 5.7, phpmyadmin, GIT, Composer, NPM, Imagick, sqlite support and Let's Encrypt