Install and manage your server like a pro

With Cipi you don’t need to be a Sys Admin to deploy and manage websites and PHP applications powered by cloud VPS. Cipi is an Open Source project and you can use it within .


Cipi is a modern control panel for your cloud service
It's magic
Install and configure one or more servers with a click in few minutes.
Born for cloud
Cipi works on AWS, Digital Ocean, Google Cloud and other providers.
Easy to use
Manage one or more servers as easily as having a coffee.
Friend of PHP
Cipi creates an amazing LEMP stack for your PHP projects.
Secure & up to date
Cipi takes care of your server's security and updates.
Ready to integration
Cipi comes with awesome APIs useful to integrate everywhere.

How Does It Work

You're only a few simple steps away

Install Cipi on your server running
wget -O - | bash
in a fresh installation of Ubuntu 20.04.


Use the amazing Cipi UI to manage the settings of your sites (alias domains, Git repo, PHP-FPM version, SSL certs, etc...)


Deploy amazing projects on a powerful LEMP stack build for your websites, web-apps and e-commerce.

Get Cipi

Run wget -O - | bash in your VPS.